Architect – Working with Builders.

Architect – Working with Builders.

Being a highly skilled and educated architecture is only half the battle. You need to find a builder/ group of builders than can actually bring your design to life. They are often the people who truly bring the design to life even though often the architect will get most if not all the praise once the building is completed. We recently sat down with Tim Lourlo who himself is a full-time builder and has been for over 20 years where he runs his own team. Below is his writing where he goes into detail about some things he has learnt along the way and things you may want to consider.

When I am contacted about a new piece of building it is often somewhat of an interview process with the architect. He will grill me on a host of questions to see my knowledge and overall skillset to see if I can be the man for the job. While I understand his footing and that he wants to know how well we can work on his project sometimes it comes off as a little disrespectful. I personally would recommend trying to try and start of being friends and working more with each other to get to an agreement. For me if the guy in charge doesn’t have a good vibe I simply won’t work with him. This will save me a lot of headaches in the future and often repeat business in the future assuming a choose the right people.

I often try and elaborate on how I built my team and how it all got started. I would explain how I choose each member and tell him some of the things that a few of the more skilled member are good at and what is their experience. I would even tell him some of my small mistakes such as dropping such as breaking a couple of my toes due to a something I dropped, in that example I then explained how I got some of the most comfortable work boots for men to protect my feet and made it a necessity for all my team to do the same. Basically, I would tell him the mistakes I have made but then I would always would tell him how I turned it around and fixed the problem, so it never happened again.

Some architects tend to think they are the boss, but we really need to work together as they can’t have their great designs brought to life without us. That’s something I really want to emphasize to any architects out there, and that’s to respect your builders and his team. If you set off on the right foot from the start, there will be more joy and pleasure for the builders and that often means less problems and a better end product. So really everyone is a winner.

One final thing I would like to mention is budget, I think its best to talk about it straight from the start because if you both aren’t in the same ball park then there is not point discussing the rest of the information. I have many times had a lengthy and detailed discussion with an architect to in the end find out his budget for me and my team simply wasn’t what was needed. So, in a sense we both wasted our time. Of course, I can’t start talking about the budget straight away as it comes off poorly for me, so the architect has to, so that would be better if that was laid out from the start.

I hope these tips will help out a few architects or even training architects for the future because an architect is nothing without a strong and solid team behind him and that often means a team like us!

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