Historic Architectural Tours for Centennial of 1909 Plan of Chicago

Historic Architectural Tours for Centennial of 1909 Plan of Chicago

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is commemorating the 1909 Plan of Chicago and the notable careers of Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett in their contributions to the city’s design. CAF is offering tours that will interest, educate and inform you about the structures relating to Chicago’s history.
The Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) is celebrating the centennial of the 1909 Plan of Chicago, designed by Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett. In commemoration of their vision of the of the city planner, CAF is offering events, including tours, exhibitions, a symposium and programming for youth and adults.

Projects inspired by the Centennial of the 1909 Plan of Chicago are designed to provoke thought about Chicago’s future and the urbanization of planet earth.

Daniel Burnham’s headquarters for the 1909 Plan of Chicago were in the former Railway Exchange Building at 224 S. Michigan Avenue, now the headquarters of the CAF. This historic location is the ideal place for centennial activities.

See the CAF website for additional information about the tours, including times and fees.

Daniel Burnham: Architect, Planner, Leader

Daniel Burnham was the architect, planner and leader in the 1909 Plan of Chicago. Burnham impacted the City of Chicago in by working with community leaders and creative talent in architecture. The walking tour explores the examples of Burnham’s work in the Loop. The walking tour explores the life of the man behind many of Chicago’s famous landmark building and a few of his less well known buildings.

Chicago River Cruise

A special dinner cruise on the Chicago River led by CAF Docent Geoffrey Baer examines infrastructure and planning along the river in September 2009.

Lake Forest Cemetery

This cemetery is the resting place of the co-author of the 1909 plan, Edward Bennett. The Lake Forest Cemetery in the affluent North Shore suburb is the final resting place of the rich and not so rich.

Preserving Chicago Landmarks

Explore the heritage of Chicago’s architecture on this walking tour and includes five building by Burnham’s firm. CAF asks questions about choices in preservation, such as should buildings be preserved.

Tours Related to the 1090 Plan and Burnham

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