Kansas City’s Top Neighborhoods: The Architecture, Culture and Government of Historic Northeast

Kansas City’s Top Neighborhoods: The Architecture, Culture and Government of Historic Northeast

The Historic Northeast neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri is an up-and-coming neighborhood trying to live down its reputation for crime and high numbers of illegal immigrants in the area. Here’s why a traditional American family should consider making the Historic Northeast neighborhood their home.
First, the incredible architecture featured in the Historic Northeast area is absolutely breathtaking. Many neighborhoods within Historic Northeast are known for their 19th century and older colonial houses. The weekly newspaper in Historic Northeast, the Northeast News, features a regular column entitled “Feature Home” which has helped draw young professionals into the emerging urban core of Kansas City. Many of the older homes in Historic Northeast retain their original features, like oak floors and traditional baths. What’s great about the real estate market in Historic Northeast is the incredible prices.

A comparable home in any other neighborhood in America could go for well over $200,000, but many of the houses for sale in Historic Northeast go for the low $100,000s, and there are even some going for under $100,000. The Northeast News “Feature Home” from November 22 features a unique loft space in the Pendleton Heights area of Historic Northeast. The downtown area of Kansas City has been flooded with an influx of loft space going for more than $200,000 (and that’s the cheapest), but this home in Historic Northeast is listed at $106,000. Sure, many of the homes for sale lack some of the most modern amenities, but if you’re looking for a visually breathtaking home with quite a bit of history, look no further than the Historic Northeast area of Kansas City.

Another amazing feature of the Historic Northeast area are the active and dedicated neighborhood associations. These neighborhood associations set the standard for every city government in the nation, in my opinion, for their undying ability to fight for the concerns of all residents in Historic Northeast. What’s better is they deal with the everyday concerns of the average citizen that most city councils and county commissions don’t bother with: trash removal, clean-ups, fundraisers and social gatherings.

In addition, the neighborhood associations in Historic Northeast work directly with the police to cut down crime in their neighborhoods. An agreement between the police and neighborhood associations assigns an officer to communicate regularly with the residents of neighborhoods within Historic Northeast. This regular communication means that they receive special attention to crime, which helps the neighborhood receive prompt responses to burglaries and complaints of property damage (including graffiti). Crime is a regular complaint among the residents of Historic Northeast and one of the reasons the neighborhood has garnered a somewhat negative reputation. However, which the special relationship between Historic Northeast and the police, crime is already being cut down and more arrests are being made. The neighborhood is becoming safer and safer each day, which will only encourage families to make the Historic Northeast area their home.

The final feature of Historic Northeast and a big reason why I encourage families to consider relocating to this Kansas City neighborhood is the great culture and diversity. The neighborhood is a popular place for Hispanic Americans and Africans to live upon arriving in America, making the area a true melting pot. This influx has resulted in a nice selection of cultural food stores and restaurants to expose even the most homogenous Americans to cultures of the world. The low prices mean you can enjoy some great enchiladas one night while treating yourself to a traditional Somalian meal the next. What better way to introduce your children to culture and broaden their horizons? Plus, not far from Historic Northeast exist great museums, including the Kansas City Museum and the American Jazz Museum.

The expansive real estate market, the dedication you’d receive from your neighborhood association and the plethora of culture in the Historic Northeast neighborhood of Kansas City are all reasons to consider Historic Northeast one of Kansas City’s top neighborhoods. If you’re interested in relocating to America’s Heartland, look no further than this unique, history-filled area.